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Three Practical Ways To Improve Bedside Manner


In any medical practice, a good bedside manner is as equally important as vast medical knowledge. Patients don't just want you to make them feel better, but they also want to experience a comfortable and pleasant visit in your office.

Take A Break

Attempt to schedule appointments that allow for a brief break in between each visit, such as five minutes. If you're literately walking out of one exam room directly into another, you don't have the opportunity to unload the previous appointment. Chances are, you will walk into the next exam room still focused on the previous visit. To an unsuspecting patient, this can be perceived as a physician who isn't really focused.

Practice Active Listening

While patients are coming to you because of your medical knowledge, they also want to feel like their input is important. If a patient is explaining their experience to you, actively listen. It's not always necessary to cut them off and give your feedback right away without first hearing them out. Engaging with your patients this way will give them greater reassurance that you are really listening to their concerns and it helps eliminate the potential of you missing some important information.

Make Privacy Important

While as a physician, you look at the human body strictly in the form of science, patients can sometimes be embarrassed to discuss certain topics with you openly. Make sure you are making an extra effort to ensure you create a high privacy zone. You can accomplish this by always asking your patients if they want the nurse or any other attendant in the room to leave before they speak with you and by double checking that the door is completely closed whenever you enter in an exam room.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Whether you feel like your practice is lacking in the area of bedside manner or you are just looking for ways to improve your patients' experience, a patient satisfaction survey can be of benefit. These surveys allow for an unbiased account of the patient's experience because their voluntary and confidential tone often encourages people to be more explicit in their thoughts than they would had you simply asked them the question.

Feedback received from the survey can be used to immediately implement changes that can help improve bedside manner in your practice.

Don't overlook the benefit of improving your patient care services with the help of patient experience surveys.


9 December 2015