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4 Office Fire ProtectionTips


A study shows that more than 3,000 different office fires take place throughout the United States on an annual basis. As you can imagine, this creates an incredible risk that can cause damage to your property and endanger lives. Because of this, you should learn some practical office related fire prevention tips that will carry you far. Consider these points and use them to the best of your ability for as long as you run your business.    

Keep Your Building Up To Code

In order for your building to remain as safe as possible, you should become very familiar with your local fire codes. Rather than wait on a surprise inspection or audit, become familiar with your local fire Marshal and have them assist you step-by-step in assessing your building. This way, you will mitigate the majority of hazards while also avoiding fines and penalties.

Invest In A Quality Fire Suppression System

It's one thing to simply install smoke alarms and another entirely to take it a step further with fire suppression systems. These are especially important in high hazard areas such as kitchens and any other areas that produce a great deal of heat. When the suppression system realizes a fire has broken out, it will emit doses of chemicals that will stop the fire in its tracks, or at least slow it down and mitigate the damage.

Have A Fire Plan In Place

You will protect your property and employees by having an established plan in place. This includes keeping a working phone handy so that 911 is always accessible. Be sure that you avoid using elevators if a fire has broken out and opt to use the stairs instead. Take advantage of frequent fire drills and appoint safety coordinators so that your team can jump right into action in the event of a fire.

Take Inventory Of Your Electrical Hazards

Electrical fires are some of the trickiest types to deal with, so one of the first things you can do is keep extinguishers handy that deal specifically with this type of threat. As opposed to spraying moisture, electrical fire extinguishers expel power-based chemicals that will nip the fire in the bud.  You should also avoid circuit overloads and always be mindful of your electrical emergency shut off switches. 

Take these four guidelines into account and use them in order to keep tabs on and prevent fires in your office. For further assistance, contact a fire protection engineer professionals.


17 May 2016