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3 Ways To Make Your Work Place Safer


When your workplace is not up to par in terms of health and safety precautions, you leave yourself open to litigation, liability and unnecessarily having people hurt on the job. When you work with a safety contractor that can audit your business and then institute job site specific fall prevention plans, you will have the assistance needed to avoid these issues. Consider these common accident situations below, in addition with things you can do to prevent them, as you also reach out to a safety contractor. 

#1: Safeguard Your Building From Slip And Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents account for 20% of the injuries that employees sustain on the job, which is why you need to do your absolute best to prevent these accidents from happening. There are a number of prevention steps that you can take. For one, be sure that you post signage any time that a surface is slick to mopping or any other circumstance. Install slip resistant material on hazard areas whenever you can in order to prevent these accidents from happening. You should also be sure to install and maintain solid handrails and other fixtures that will keep people safe as they travel throughout your building. 

#2: Make Sure That Employees Are Lifting Properly

If you run a place of business that requires workers to constantly lift heavy objects, you need to be sure that they are following the best techniques and taking precautions. The reason for this is that exertion related strain, muscle tears and bodily damage account for some 38 percent of on the job injuries. One of the biggest preventative measures you can take in this regard is to institute a culture of adhering to safety protocol. Some safety measures include wearing back braces, lifting with legs instead of back muscles, teamwork to lighten the burden and taking frequent breaks. 

#3: Get A Safety Audit

It is best that you take a holistic approach to your workplace safety by hiring the help of a safety contractor who can audit your entire business. This way, you will specifically learn your company's area of safety liabilities and weaknesses, so that you are better able to rectify these issues. Hiring a contractor who can provide you with a safety audit will be able to institute job specific fall prevention plans and other measures that will help you out exponentially. 

Focus on these three guidelines, and consider contacting companies like A Crew Safety Consulting.


3 October 2016