Three Practical Ways To Improve Bedside Manner


In any medical practice, a good bedside manner is as equally important as vast medical knowledge. Patients don't just want you to make them feel better, but they also want to experience a comfortable and pleasant visit in your office. Take A Break Attempt to schedule appointments that allow for a brief break in between each visit, such as five minutes. If you're literately walking out of one exam room directly into another, you don't have the opportunity to unload the previous appointment.

9 December 2015

3 Things You Need to Know About Mold Remediation


Sometimes, people assume that their insurance company is going to cover anything that happens to their home. However, that isn't the case. While certain things are covered automatically under your insurance policy, others aren't. If you don't have special coverage in place to handle these items, you could find yourself being hit with thousands of dollars in repair costs when something goes wrong. Mold remediation is one of those things that often isn't covered on your insurance policy without a special addendum.

2 December 2015